Unleashing ‘Passive Component Design Kit’ For Makers Of IoT


Here’s a new Internet of Things (IoT) design kit which allows engineers to quickly identify effective solutions for IoT devices with widely varying requirements for power, data-processing speed, form factor, and price, among other specifications.

The new passive component IoT design kit from AVX addresses the needs of a wide span of IoT applications, including: wearable devices, such as fitness accessories; smart-home applications, like automated lighting and heating systems; medical electronics; industrial automation tasks, such as remote servicing and predictive maintenance; connected cars; and traffic control and other smart city applications.

The kit is comprised of a broad sampling of passive components ideally suited for use in the three primary IoT device networks — input voltage filtering and decoupling networks, timing device networks, and output impedance RF matching networks.

The kit contains RF microwave components, including: capacitors, inductors, circuit protection, and SAW filters; input voltage filtering and decoupling devices, including: filter capacitors and low profile power inductors; and small, high precision crystal products, including: MHz crystal units, tuning fork crystal units, clock oscillators, temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs), and capacitors for crystal unit loading.


Component solutions ideal for use in the input voltage filtering and decoupling networks of IoT devices represented in the Passive IoT Design Kit include:

– TCN Series Highest CV/cc Conductive Polymer Undertab Chip Capacitors
– TCJ Series Industry’s Highest Voltage Polymer Capacitors for 100V Applications to 125°C
– High-CV X5R MLCCs
– LMLP (Style C) Series Low-Profile SMD Power Inductors

Solutions for the output impedance matching networks of IoT RF antennas represented in the kit include:

Sigfox Software Expansion For LoRa Enabled Developer Kit

– U Series Ultra Low ESR RF/Microwave C0G (NP0) Chip Capacitors
– LCMC Series Multilayer Ceramic Chip Inductors
– AntennaGuard Sub pF Varistors (SPVs)
– SAW Filters and Duplexers

These RF/Microwave components are especially well suited for use in telecommunications, GPS, WLAN, and industrial/scientific/medical (ISM) band IoT applications, and also offer Modelithics highly accurate, substrate scalable equivalent circuit models, which help speed up design decisions and circuit level optimizations when used in combination with the industry’s leading electronic design automation tools.

The crystal components in the Passive IoT Design Kit prove particularly useful in IoT applications that require tight frequency stability, including: clock management, microprocessor control units (MCUs), application processors, and wireless applications, such as Bluetooth low energy (BLE), WIFI, and GPS.

Timing device network solutions represented in the Passive IoT Design Kit include:

– CX2016DB Series Ultraminiature, Low-Profile SMT Crystal Units
– ST3215SB Series Ultra-Small, Low-Profile kHz Range Tuning Fork Crystal Devices
– U Series Low ESR, Tight-Tolerance C0G (NP0) Capacitors for Crystal Unit Loading.

For more information about AVX’s new Passive Components for the Internet of Things Design Kit (Part Number: KIT-IOT), including links to distributors stocking the kit, please visit http://www.avx.com/docs/techinfo/samplekits/AVX-IoT-Passives-Kit.pdf.




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