Calibrated XYZ Color Sensor Cuts Cost For Colorimeters And Color Analysers


ams has rolled out an integrated color point sensor chip which not only offers high accuracy and compactness but also cuts bill-of-materials and production costs for manufacturers of professional or consumer colorimeters and color analysers.

The new AS7261 JENCOLOR XYZ sensor is ideal for use in portable equipment that implement features such as paint color matching, liquid color analysis, display management, metering, and many other applications for portable spectral and color analysis.

The sensor is ideal for battery-powered products because its maximum operating current is 5mA from a 3.3V supply voltage and has low power consumption.

The new tri-stimulus color sensor provides direct XYZ colour co-ordinates to match the CIE 1931 2° Standard Observer framework. It also maps the XYZ colorimeter to the two-dimensional color gamut x, y (Y) and extends it to the CIE 1976 u’v ‘colorimeter system.


The chip has multi-channel filter sets integrated at the silicon wafer level to provide Dark, Clear and Near-Infrared channels and XYZ colour sensing channels.

The sensor’s corrected CCT, x, y, u’v ‘duv and direct sensor count outputs are accessible via the I 2 C or UART interface.

Programmable LED drivers are also provided for electronic shutter control and synchronization.

The new sensor is offered in a 4.5×4.7mm LGA package. An aperture incorporating a lens in the device’s package provides ± 20.5 ° field view for high sensing accuracy, claimed the firm.

The sensor’s white light measurement accuracy is typically ± 0.002 du’v ‘over the CIE 1976 range.

According to the company, this high performance is better than any chip-scale color sensor on the market today and is attributed to the integrated solid and stable set of silicon filters on the sensor die.

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The firm explained that unlike conventional filters, this filter has very stable characteristics with respect to time and temperature changes, and it can be calibrated during the manufacturing process through the intelligence function incorporated in the sensor. Thus end-product manufacturers do not have to separately calibrate their products on their own production lines.

A simple text-based AT instruction set allows the host microcontroller or processor to configure the behavior of the device.

“The ams AS7261 JENCOLOR 3 stimulus value sensor is a breakthrough in silicon color sensing technology,” said Tom Griffiths, senior marketing manager at ams. By combining the high stability and precision features of silicon interference filters with state-of-the-art calibration techniques, ams has developed the industry’s first system-on-a-chip for color analysis, which is more cost-effective than competing products that cost much more. ”

George Yu, CEO of Variable Inc, a color sensing specialist in Chattanooga , Tennessee , USA , commented , “The AS7261 from ams has the ideal device configuration, including accurate and stable filter elements. It provides an easy-to-implement design at an affordable price. With this in mind, we can take advantage of the core design of our NODE industry-standard color sensing equipment to showcase Color Muse, a new color identification device within six months of project launch.

“The AS7261 will open the door to a whole new generation of color measurement devices aimed at the mass market, such as color matching, display calibration, and simple industrial and consumer analytical tools,” said Griffith Senior Marketing Manager.

The AS7261 is available now in production quantities, priced at $ 4 each in 1,000-piece quantities.

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