DC Current Shunt Resistors Measure Accurately Upto 10000A


Riedon has expanded its precision current shunt resistor portfolio with current ranges from 1 Amp to 10,000 Amps. Riedon said it has designed its shunt resistors to enable accurate measurement and monitoring of high currents responding to increases in the output levels from renewable energy sources, higher capacity batteries that require shorter charging times, and the widespread electrification of heavy industry.

“With additions to the RCS, RSH, RSI, RSJ, RSL, and RSN series of precision shunt resistors, Riedon has optimized the performance-value proposition at all points along the current measurement scale, from 1 A to 10,000 A, while offering enhanced measurement bandwidth at the desired operating current”, according to the announcement.

A four‑point Kelvin connection ensures accuracy by decreasing the influence of terminations when measuring the voltage across the shunt.


The very low resistance values required for shunts, as low as 5 micro-Ohm for the 10,000 A 50mV output RSL-10000-50, are achieved using Manganin resistive elements. These are manufactured to a standard tolerance of 0.25% with some series offering 0.1% options.

Other options include 50mV or 100mV outputs and, where applicable, the resistors are mounted on Bakelite bases.

The resistors employ rugged designs for increased durability and are produced to rigorous assembly and performance standards using industry recognised standard materials to provide full RoHS compliance.

Parts will be available for purchase from Digi-Key from 10th May 2017. For further details, click here.

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