RF Power Amplifier Ideal For VHF/UHF Applications


Solid State Supplies has launched a 3-stage wideband, high gain and high efficiency RF power amplifier chip operating over 130MHz to 950MHz. The CMX901 is optimised for VHF/UHF radio applications such as data logging equipment, marine VHF communications systems, automatic meter readers, industrial IoT equipment, mesh/MANET networking infrastructure, remote monitoring systems and RFID readers/writers.

A working temperature range of -40°C +85°C enables this device to be deployed in demanding industrial environments, while its compact 5mm x 5mm form factor makes it ideal for small form factor applications.

Requiring a single polarity 2.5V to 6V supply, this device is capable of covering a frequency range from 130MHz to 950MHz. It can attain 40dB gain, as well as power efficiency figures of up to 60%. At 160MHz, when 4V is applied, it provides a typical power output of 2.5W.

Input and output matched circuits are implemented through external components, in order to allow power and efficiency parameters to be adjusted to meet specific application requirements.


The CMX901 is available in a small footprint 5mm x 5mm low thermal resistance 28-pin WQFN package. The firm also offers the EV9011 evaluation board to accompany the CMX901 power amplifier.

For more information please visit: www.sssltd.com/products/1350-cmx901-rf-power-amplifier.html

Click here to view the full Press release.

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