Create A Fast Charging 18 W USB PD Adapter For Your Mobile Devices


New joint reference design from Power Integrations and Weltrend Semiconductor allows designers to create a compact and highly energy-efficient 18 W, USB PD compliant power adapter for fast charging of smart mobile devices.

The design, called DER-567, pairs the WT6630P USB Type-C PD controller from Weltrend with Power Integrations’ InnoSwitch-CP off-line CV/CC flyback switcher IC.

Comments Shyam Dujari, director of marketing for Power Integrations: “USB PD adds significant intelligence to adapters and allows more power to be delivered flexibly and safely. Users can expect faster charge times for the larger batteries required to power next-generation mobile devices.”

Adds Tony Lin, executive assistant to the CEO and acting VP of marketing at Weltrend: “USB PD adoption started first in notebook PCs and is now rapidly becoming the preferred choice of smartphone OEMs for safe and rapid charging.”


The WT6630P USB PD controller is certified by USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) for USB Type-C and is compatible with the USB PD 2.0 baseband communication protocol.

The InnoSwitch-CP switcher IC utilised in the design provides a constant power output, allowing battery-operated devices to draw maximum power from the charger at any selected output voltage, optimizing charge time and cost, as stated in the announement.

Commented Dujari: “With Type-C cable and USB PD protocol support, an 18 W adapter is the logical next level for rapid charging and we are pleased to work with Weltrend on this joint reference design. The WT6630P controller delivers a highly cost-effective implementation of the USB 2.0 specification, helping leading suppliers in bringing a USB PD compliant adapter to the market. The design is already in mass production by a leading smartphone OEM.”

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Added Lin: “Power Integrations’ InnoSwitch AC-DC converter ICs offer the high efficiency, reliability and compact footprint required by developers of rapid charging adapters for the smart mobile industry. We are pleased to work with Power Integrations in delivering this reference design to support the fast growing adoption of USB PD in smart mobile devices.”

Reference Design, DER-567, implements USB PD standard 2.0 and is capable of 5 V/3 A and 9 V/2 A of power delivery over a standard non-E-marked USB Type-C cable.

The design may be downloaded at

Click here to view the full Press release.



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