Touchscreen Controller Supports Large In-car Displays Upto 15 Inches


As more and more vehicles are integrated with advanced computer systems, there is an increasing demand of human–machine interfaces (HMIs) to enhance interaction between driver/passengers and car. To address such demands, Microchip has unveiled new automotive touchscreen controllers designed for large-screen automotive HMI designs upto 15 inches.

The technology, according to the firm, brings the user experience of multi-touch HMI, such as on a mobile phone, to car drivers and passengers in screen sizes from eight to 15 inches.

The MXT1665T-A family is said to provide the multi-touch experience even with thick cover lenses, thick gloves or in the presence of moisture and water. It supports screen sizes from eight to 15 inches and also supports smaller multi-finger pinch separation.

“With the addition of the MXT1665T-A family, Microchip offers full scalability to customers, enabling them to design multiple platforms from small to large display sizes with the same quality user experience and interface,” said Fanie Duvenhage, vice president of Microchip’s touch division. “Consumers are demanding capacitive touch solutions in their vehicles. Microchip is the only provider of touchscreen controllers offering a large, growing portfolio of automotive-qualified products with a vast support infrastructure throughout the world.”


The MXT1665T-A family consists of three parts – the MXT1665T-A, the MXT1189-A and the MXT799T-A. The products are fully AEC Q100 qualified to address all the unique needs of automotive system designs.

As development support, an evaluation kit is available for all products in the MXT1665T-A family. The kit includes a PCB with a maXTouch touchscreen controller, a touch sensor on a glass/plastic lens, the FPC to connect to the sensor display, a converter PCB to connect this kit to the host PC via USB, as well as cables, software and documentation.

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All parts are also compatible with maXTouch Studio, a full software development environment to support the evaluation of maXTouch touchscreen controllers.

The products are available now in sampling and volume production in a LQFP176 package. For more product information, click here.

Click here to view the full Press release.



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