Smart Kids GPS Trackerphone Powered By ST’s Chips


ST’s motion-sensing and data-processing chips including an MEMS accelerometer and STM32 microcontroller are utilised inside the Snowfox trackerphone designed by a Finnish startup Hatlian. Snowfox is a small portable trackerphone with a sensitive inbuilt location tracking and voice call functionality, designed to help increase safety for young children and seniors.

The outstanding real-time performance and power efficiency of ST chips gives Snowfox users the perfect balance of functionality and battery life, according to ST.

The trackerphone is very small, almost matchbox-sized. It is also easy-to-carry and has a loop allowing it to be attached to bags or worn around the neck.

The device has GPS and voice functionality. It has a button which kids can use to request a call back from their parents. Pressing the button sends a push notification to the companion SnowFox app on the parents’ smartphone. Children can respond to an incoming call by just pushing the button.


The free smartphone app offers various map views, location history, and event timeline. The device can be configured to automatically send geofenced notifications, for instance, to the parents’ smartphone app.

Snowfox features ST’s MEMS accelerometer to detect user activity to start the location measurements while the ultra-low-power STM32 microcontroller makes sure everything works reliably on minimal energy use, ST stated in the announcement.

“You simply cannot make compromises when you design a personal safety device,” said Pasi Leipälä, CEO and co-founder, Haltian. “Based on our extensive study of different manufacturers and their solutions, we chose an ultra-low-power STM32 microcontroller for its perfect combination of power conservation, rich set of peripherals, and optimum package size. Similarly, the ST accelerometer scored best for us in power consumption and performance.”

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“The Snowfox trackerphone enables children and seniors to remain active and stay connected, giving their family members peace of mind in keeping their loved ones safe,” said Iain Currie, Vice President North Europe Sales, STMicroelectronics. “Haltian’s decision to rely on ST’s high-performance, ultra-low-power chips confirms our enabling role in the development of innovative applications that help people get more from life.”

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