MEMS Accelerometers Offer Accurate Data For Bearing Fault Detection


Analog Devices announced two MEMS accelerometers whose noise performance over high frequencies is claimed to be on par with legacy technology, making them ideal for industrial condition monitoring applications. The new accelerometers deliver the high resolution vibration measurements necessary for early detection of bearing faults and other common causes of machine failure.

The ADXL1001 and ADXL1002 accelerometers provide high quality and accurate data for Smart Factory Internet of Things applications, and enable intelligent sensing from the edge of the network.

The ADXL1001 and ADXL1002 accelerometers have full-scale ranges of ±100g and ±50g respectively. Their noise performance over high frequencies is on par with available PZT technology, making them a compelling option for new condition monitoring products, ADI claims.

The accelerometers deliver ultra-low noise density over an extended bandwidth with high-g range. Typical noise density for the ADXL1002 is 25 μg/√Hz, with a sensitivity of 40mV/g, and 30 μg/√Hz for ADXL1001 with sensitivity 20mV/g.


Both devices operate on single voltage supply from 3.0V to 5.25V, and offer useful features such as complete, electrostatic self-test and over range indicator.

Operating temperature range is specified as -40°C to +125°C. For more details, view the full release here.

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