Refrigerator Fan Motor Control Chip Shrinks Mounting Area By 75%


ROHM has recently launched a buck DC/DC converter optimized for DC fan motor power supplies used in applications such as cold air circulation in refrigerators.

Integrated design of the BD9227F power supply IC is claimed to reduce mounting area by 75% over discrete configurations

Current designs of DC fan motor power supply blocks used in refrigerators and other equipment are primarily configured using discrete components, making it difficult to provide high accuracy control or carry out high frequency drive. This requires larger coils and output capacitors for the peripheral circuit, increasing mounting area considerably.

The BD9227F controls the rotational speed of DC fan motors with higher accuracy by linearly varying the output voltage based on the PWM duty signal generated by the MCU.

“The chip supports the use of smaller peripheral components (i.e. coil, output capacitor), reducing footprint by 75% while improving power conversion efficiency by 19% (at 300mA output), contributing to greater accuracy, increased miniaturization, and higher power conversion efficiency in DC fan motor applications”, according to ROHM.

For further details, view the full Press release.


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