Data-logging MCUs Generate PDF Files In 4 Seconds


ROHM has recently announced 32bit microcontrollers ideal for data loggers used in logistics for acquisition and management of environmental information during package shipment.

Claimed to reduce board space by 30%, the ML630Q464/466 integrate all major USB data logger functions (USB, high-speed clock generation, LCD driver, high-accuracy RC oscillation type AD converter), data acquisition (i.e. temperature, humidity, acceleration), data display, and PDF file generation on a single chip.

The firm noted that it is important to reduce both size and cost of data loggers which are typically attached to packages and many times, disposables. This is done by utilizing smaller batteries and fewer parts. In addition, operating guidelines such as FDA regulations on cold chain and GDP require reliable recording of package conditions during transport and the output of uneditable PDF files to prevent tampering of records (log data).

In response, the firm’s ML640Q464/466 provide PDF file generation and integrate key functions for USB data logging on one chip while allowing low power consumption, high noise immunity, and high performance.


These new MCUs utilize an ARM Cortex M0+ 32bit CPU core to achieve high performance with low power consumption. Log data can be easily converted to PDF in about 4 seconds.

In addition, with robust noise immunity, the devices can achieve stable operation even under severe conditions, the firm says.

The ADC inside the chip provides a temperature measurement accuracy of ±0.5℃ using only a thermistor and resistor/capacitor, unlike typical temperature measurement circuits consisting of a temperature sensor, thermistor, and reference voltage generation circuit. This is said to reduce board space by 30% over conventional solutions.

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Also, combining the customer’s AES encryption program with the built-in AES function and random number generator allows users to generate password-protected PDF files.

The new MCUs also claim a low standby current consumption of 0.8uA by supporting 4 low power modes. As a result, operation for up to 380 days is achieved utilizing a single coin battery (CR2032) with just 1/3rd the capacity of conventional batteries required for MCUs used in typical data loggers.

An optional USB Data Logger reference kit supports the development of data loggers using the ML630Q46x. It includes hardware information such as circuit diagrams and parts lists, software code for operating the USB flash memory and generating PDF files, all necessary documentation, and usage methods for power management.

Mass production of the MCUs has started in a quantity of 100,000 pcs/month. For further details, view the full Press release.



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