Reference Design Protects IoT Devices In Smart Agriculture & Smart Factories


To secure IoT devices in a wide range of industrial applications, from factory automation to smart agriculture, Maxim has launched a new embedded security reference design.

The MAXREFDES155# reference design helps designers rapidly implement crypto-strong authentication to protect IoT device hardware, plus provides authenticity and integrity of small data transactions between the device and the cloud.

The new design uses elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA) public-key cryptography, making it easy to develop devices that can authenticate and manage a sensing node with control and notification from a web server or network controller, says the firm.

With the solution, customers can quickly collect and display the authenticated sensor data, as well as monitor endpoints being updated via secure communications with the cloud, says Renesas.


The design includes an Arduino form factor ARM mbed shield module and attached sensor endpoint.

The shield contains a DS2476 DeepCover ECDSA/SHA-2 coprocessor, LCD, push-button controls, status LEDs, and Wi-Fi communication.

The sensor endpoint contains a DS28C36 DeepCover ECDSA/SHA-2 authenticator, IR thermal sensor, and aiming laser for the IR sensor.

The reference design is equipped with a standard shield connector for immediate testing using an mbed board such as the MAX32600MBED#—the combination of these two devices represents an IoT node.

“Maxim is bringing decades of experience developing secure microcontrollers, coprocessors, and authenticators to our expanding portfolio of DeepCover reference designs, making it simpler for customers to implement their own security,” said Scott Jones, Executive Director, Embedded Security, Maxim Integrated. “This embedded security reference design uses ECDSA asymmetric authentication, an optimal solution to protect IoT devices.”

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The MAXREFDES155# IoT embedded security reference design is available for $125. Hardware and firmware design files are available free.

Programming MAXREFDES155# requires a separate purchase of a MAX32600MBED# development platform, which is available for $49.

For further information on the reference design, click here.



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