Smartphone Dual-camera Module With 3X Optical Zoom


Smartphone manufacturers can get 5.5mm slim dual camera designs with 3x optical zoom capability leveraging a new complete camera module reference design from Corephotonics and Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEMCO).

Through this reference design, which is now in volume production, smartphone manufacturers can get dramatic enhancements in image quality without any impact on the slim designs that consumers now expect from their handsets.

The dual camera concept, according to the firm, greatly improves imaging capabilities – with better zoom, increased effective resolution and broader dynamic range all being derived. It comprises one camera producing a wide field of view (FOV) image much like the technology found in a conventional smartphone. There is also a second camera that features a telephoto lens to address the narrow FOV image.

“The result is an imaging mechanism that can deliver up to 3x optical zoom and provides the user with highly detailed photographs even in the most challenging of low light conditions”, according to the firm.


“Combining such imaging capabilities with proprietary lens design and actuator implementation allows a compact form factor (down to 5.5mm in Z-height) to be maintained, while eliminating delicate opto-mechanical arrangements that are prone to damage”, the firm added.

“SEMCO is an acknowledged leader in smartphone camera modules and it is now fully equipped with a broad range of Corephotonics technology,” adds Eran Briman, VP of Marketing & Business Development at Corephotonics. “By integrating our calibration tools into its production lines, SEMCO is now better positioned for delivering mass production zoom dual camera modules which are drop-test certified and support relaxed calibration assembly. Combining such modules with Corephotonics’ zoom and bokeh algorithms easily satisfies consumer demands for elevated imaging functionality.”

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For further details, view the full Press release.



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