Get 10X Faster CAN Communication & Power Consumption Debugging With New Emulator!


A new-generation on-chip debugging emulator from Renesas Electronics is claimed to reduce embedded software development time by reducing the time required for CAN communication debugging and power consumption debugging to as little as one-tenth compared with the existing method of repeated program modification and downloads.

The E2 Emulator is available now as a development environment for the latest devices in the Renesas RH850, RX, and RL78 MCUs, and for a selection of automotive SoCs.

The firm notes the new emulator reduces the time required to determine the cause of an error during CAN communication by providing a connection to the bus that allows message timing to be matched with executing code.

The E2 emulator also makes it easier to determine the cause of current consumption peak by monitoring the current draw of the device and correlating that with the code, thereby allowing system developers to reduce development time significantly.


When the emulator detects that the current consumption has exceeded set limits for a certain period of time, it can stop the program.

Additionally, the emulator can display the program operation and current consumption together, making it easier for system developers to identify areas where current reduction should be targeted.

The E2 Emulator offers a native hot plug connection on supported devices with no adapter required.

Tools supported by the E2 Emulator include CS+ IDE for making editing, building, and debugging easier and secure. Renesas says the support is also planned for the e2 studio IDE, Green Hills Software’s MULTI IDE, and IAR Embedded Workbench. The board interface is compatible with that of the existing E1 Emulator boards for which can also be connected to the E2 Emulator.

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Renesas also plans to provide E2 Emulator tracing solution via the RH850 Debug interface and a break solution that enables to break the program while debugging based on an external trigger signal in the future.

The E2 Emulator is available now for the RH850 Family and a selection of automotive SoCs. The new emulator will be available for the RX Family and RL78 Family from July, 2017 onwards. Additional debugging solutions for E2 emulator will also be available from July 2017 onwards.

To view the full Press release, click here.



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