Tiny RGB LED For High-res Dot Matrix Displays In Wearables/Games!


To help design of high resolution LED matrix light sources for gaming and wearable applications, ROHM has unveiled an ultra-compact (1.8 x 1.6mm) reflector-type 3-color LED claimed to be the smallest in the industry.

The 3.5 x 2.8mm LEDs typically used in dot matrices, result in a coarse display which can be problematic when higher resolution is demanded. The new 1.8 x 1.6mm LED, on the other hand, is claimed to reduce the mounting area by 70% compared to the company’s conventional LEDs, which makes it possible to construct high brightness, ultra-high resolution matrix light sources for gaming and wearable applications.

“The MSL0402RGBU’s small size enables high-density mounting and provides excellent color mixing characteristics, ensuring support for high resolution LED matrices.”

Unlike conventional solutions which use a Zener diode to offer ESD protection required to turn on matrix light sources, this LED adopts an element with high ESD resistance. Eliminating Zener diode prevents light emission of unnecessary blocks in matrix circuits, resulting in clearer display, according to the firm.


In addition, the new LED uses a gold plated substrate that prevents sulfuration even when silicon resin packages are used. This minimises brightness degradations and contributes to greater long-term application reliability.

The LED is available now, with pricing starting at $0.23 /unit for 1,000pcs. Click here to get more details.


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