700V MOSFETs For Slim Phone Chargers


Infineon has developed new 700 V MOSFETs for very slim designs using emerging quasi resonant flyback topologies. The new 700V CoolMOS P7 series addresses the low power SMPS market, such as mobile phone chargers, notebook adapters, TV, lighting, audio and AUX power.

These new MOSFETs are said to offer performance improvements compared to currently used superjunction technologies.

According to Infineon, the new MOSFETs offer 2% to 5% lower switching losses (E OSS), up to 3.9% higher efficiency and impressively up to 16K lower device temperature against competition. Compared to the previous 650V CoolMOS C6 technology, they offer 2.4% gain in efficiency and 12K lower device temperature.

The integrated Zener diode ensures an increased ESD ruggedness of up to HBM Class 2 level. Customers profit from an improved assembly yield which leads to less production related failures and finally saves manufacturing costs.


Additionally, the 700 V CoolMOS P7 shows low losses due to its very low RDS (on)*Q g and RDS (on)*E OSS. Compared to C6 technology as well as to some competitor devices, the devices are said to sport an additional extra 50 V blocking voltage.

Keeping the ease-of-use in mind, the technology has been developed with a V GSth of 3 V and a very narrow tolerance of ±0.5 V. This makes the MOSFETs very easy to design-in and enables the usage of lower gate source voltage, which makes it easier to drive and leads to less idle losses, according to the firm.

In price sensitive segments, the new 700 V CoolMOS P7 offers an attractive price performance ratio that helps customers in taking further advantages in competitiveness.

Switching DC-DC Converter Design

The 700 V CoolMOS P7 family is available with the most relevant R DS(on) package combinations including 360 mΩ up to 1400 mΩ in IPAK SL, DPAK and TO-220FP. Additional variants and new package innovations from Infineon will be launched soon.

More information is available at www.infineon.com/700V-p7. For further details, view the full Press release.



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