Software Defined Radio Tuner For Car Audio


Supporting the development of high-performance car infotainment systems, NXP has taken a step from today’s multi-chip solutions to an ultra-compact multi-tuner RFCMOS chip for car makers. This claims to be the world’s first software defined radio solution covering all global audio broadcast standards, including AM/FM, DAB+, DRM(+) and HD.

Car radios used to require a large and bulky printed circuit board (PCB) and 6 different ICs – with NXP’s SAF4000, the core of the radio now fits on a fingertip and covers all global broadcast audio standards in one board.

“Integrating six ICs into one shrinks PCB size dramatically, drives down complexity and hardware costs — offering a 60% power and space savings”, claimed the firm.

“The IC is software-defined, thus simplifying the logistics for car OEMs. It covers all regional broadcast requirements via an end-of-line firmware update, saving cost and complexity for multiple hardware and software offerings across the globe”, NXP stated.


“The step from multi-chip discrete to a one-chip RFCMOS solution is a true quantum leap for the industry,” said Torsten Lehmann, senior vice president and general manager of Car Infotainment and Driver Assistance at NXP. “One-chip means a significantly smaller hardware footprint, easier development and simple worldwide integration with the ability to receive multiple different digital, as well as analog radio standards and to switch between them via software. Centralized infotainment head units, distributed radio/audio systems, as well as smart antenna solutions are perfectly supported by this new one-chip family.”

The chip also offers seamless integration with NXP’s latest automotive multimedia processor i.MX 8 and next-generation NXP smart Class D amplifier. NXP said that with all these chips, it is now able to offer a complete high-performance, easy-to-use car infotainment platform with integrated audio in the market.

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The firm affirmed that engineering samples are available for its lead customers. For further details, view the full Press release.



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