Common mode Chokes Reduce Space On PCB


Solid State Supplies is offering new chokes from Pulse Electronics claiming to deliver high levels of performance while being significantly smaller than competing devices on the market.

Measuring just 32 x 12.6 x 10.0 mm and 42 x 27 x 46mm respectively, the PH9455xNL and PA441xNL series feature superior common mode noise rejection making them highly optimised for EMI filtering tasks in AC/DC, DC/DC and DC/AC power sources where limited available space is available, as well as in solar inverters and motor drives.

The new chokes maximise impedance per unit volume using nanocrystalline cores. The firm claims that the chokes quadruple the impedance over conventional ferrite core chokes of the same dimensions and winding arrangements. This allows engineers to scale down to smaller footprint components without any compromises needing to be made.

The PA441xNL series’ inductance range covers 14mH (at 8A) to 35mH (at 5A), while the PH9455xNL series has an inductance range that spans 1.00mH (at 22.0A) to 82.0mH (at 3.0A). Both series exhibit a 1500Vrms dielectric strength. They also offer industry-leading temperature stability.

For further details, view the full Press release.

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