Protect Automotive ECUs With New Hardware/Software Platform


Automotive electronic control unit (ECU) developers can simplify implementation of the desired safety and security functions in connected, highly automated vehicles with a new integrated hardware and software platform from Renesas and ESCRYPT.

New solution allows ECU developers to significantly reduce development and implementation time by up to ninety percent by simplifying implementation of security functions

The new joint hardware/software platform solution comprises Renesas’ RH850/P1x-C Series of automotive safety microcontrollers (MCUs) that combine on a single-chip: functional safety, security, and vehicle control network technologies, with ESCRYPT’s CycurHSM, a security software stack, to realize highly complex automotive security solutions.

“New use cases such as software updates Over The Air (OTA) or advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and the resulting in-vehicle communications require higher ECU protection levels against unauthorized or malicious access and manipulation. Therefore, in addition to protection software, hardware security protection within the ECU has also become essential. The new solution enhances security of connected, highly-automated vehicles, provides high value, and solves these security problems”, Renesas notes.


To address these mission-critical security requirements in vehicle systems, the RH850/P1x-C Series MCU integrates a hardware security module with a co-processor supporting data encryption, authentication and random number generation.

CycurHSM is a security software stack that perfectly fits RH850/P1x-C MCUs and complements the security features in hardware with additional security services, e.g., secure boot, secure flashing, and debugging, according to Renesas.

The jointly-developed integrated hardware and software platform solution is now available.

Get more information by viewing the full Press release.

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