Conductive Polymer Capacitors Store High Energy For SSDs


AVX Corporation has launched new capacitors available in a 7361-15 case size and with several improved energy ratings for demanding solid-state drives (SSD) applications. The new J-CAP Series capacitors come with conductive polymer electrodes, and claimed to deliver the industry’s highest energy per volume (Joules/cc) of any SMT capacitor available.

The new J-CAP Series is ideal for backup power applications in demanding solid-state drives (SSDs)— including multilevel cells (MLCs), single-level cells (SLCs), enterprise flash drives (EFDs), and PCI Express (PCIe) drives — in addition to battery-powered portable equipment, industrial alarms, smart power meters, and other mobile devices.

“Available in a large 7361-15 case with a low 1.5mm height profile, the capacitors are capable of delivering up to an industry-leading 38.8mJ in low-profile SMD designs”, the firm claims.

The J-CAP Series conductive polymer solid electrolytic capacitors offer high energy, low ESR (50–300mΩ at 100kHz), and low DCL(0.1CV), as stated in the announcement.


“Released in response to SSD designers’ footprint concerns and high energy requirements, especially for small form factor SSDs, the J-CAP Series’ new 7361-15 case size provides a low profile (1.5mm) alternative to its 7361-20 case, which features the same maximal footprint, and the new energy ratings,” said Allen Mayar, product marketing manager at AVX. “Additionally, the energy rating of the J-Cap series now extends up to 38.8mJ, further improving the superlative volumetric efficiency for which the series is highly regarded.”

The J-CAP Series capacitors are now available in five case sizes with newly extended maximum energy ratings — EIA Metric 3528-10 (AVX “L” case, max 4.7mJ), 3528-12 (“T,” max 4.7mJ), 7343-15 (“X,” max 18.2mJ), 7361-15 (“3,” max 19.6mJ), and 7361-20 (“4,” max 38.8mJ).

New Supercaps Offer High Pulse Power Handling For Industrial/Consumer Electronics

The devices currently feature capacitance values spanning 4.7µF to 1,500µF with a ±20% capacitance tolerance. Rated for operating temperatures spanning -55°C to +105°C, and 3x reflow compatible at 260°C, the series is also currently available with four voltage ratings: 6.3V, 16V, 25V, and 35V. Typical derating is 10% for ≤16V and 20% for 20V and higher voltages.

RoHS compliant and lead-free compatible, J-CAP Series capacitors are supplied with pure tin-plated terminations, and are shipped on 7” reels. Lead-time for the series is 12 weeks.

For further details, view the full Press release.




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