Tiny “Temp+Humidity Sensor” For Wearables & Smart Home!


ams AG has launched a high performance digital output sensor which integrates one relative humidity sensor and one high-accuracy temperature sensor in a small IC. Measuring just 2mm x 2mm x 0.75mm, the new ENS210 is small enough to be accommodated in smart phones and wearable devices including fitness monitoring wristbands.

The ENS210 provides a digital temperature output in Kelvin, accurate to a maximum ±0.2°C over the range 0°C to 70°C. It also provides relative humidity measurements as a digital output accurate to a maximum ±3.5%, the firm claims.

The sensor is offered as a calibrated unit, and requires no trimming on the production line. It provides its digital outputs over an I2C interface, eliminating the need for signal processing by the host device’s applications processor or microcontroller.

The chip consumes just 40nA in stand-by mode and 7.1µA in active measurement mode (sampling at 1Hz), draining very little energy from the battery in handheld and portable applications.


Another benefit of the device is that it operates from a wide input voltage range of 1.71V-3.6V, which means that systems with a dual 1.8V/3.3V power supply need no additional level-shifting voltage regulator at the point of load.

The ENS210 can be used to enhance the accuracy of measurements in wearable devices. It can also be used to add additional features to thermostats and to connected home appliances such as air conditioning and purifiers systems, refrigerators, clothes dryers, microwave ovens, kitchen air extractors and weather stations.

The device may also be used to provide a complete solution for indoor air quality monitoring when used alongside the ams CCS811 or CCS801 gas sensor ICs, which measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in ambient air.

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The firm also provides application software and a development board to enable OEMs rapidly build end product designs using its environmental sensor solutions.

The ENS210 is available now in production volumes. Unit pricing is US$1.9 in order quantities of 100. An evaluation board for the new device is also available.

The ENS210 is on display for the first time at the ams stand A5.107 at the Electronica trade show. For more technical information, view the full Press release.




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