Robot Solves Tricky “Rubik’s Cube” In 0.637 Seconds!


A robot took just 0.637 seconds to solve a scrambled Rubik’s Cube at the “electronica” trade fair show in Germany. Called “Sub1 Reloaded”, the robot beats a previous record of 0.887 seconds with the help of microchips from Infineon.

Infineon’s chips offered high computing power needed to solve such a highly complex puzzle in fraction of seconds.

A previously scrambled rubik cube was taken to start the demo. With the press of a button, shutters of the robot’s camera sensors were removed. The computing chip then detected the fastest solution to unscramble the cube and transmitted commands to activate six motors, one for each side of the cube. This helped to unscramble the six faces in place and solve the puzzle. It took only a fraction of a second and just 21 moves so that each of the cube’s sides showed a single colour. In contrast,  it takes a human at least 4.9 seconds to solve the puzzle.

Infineon provided the AURIX MCU for the demo of “Sub1 Reloaded” to offer the power for motor control. The firm noted that it takes a tremendous computing power to solve such a highly complex puzzle with a machine. A similar powerful MCU to the one used here is also used in driver assistance systems.

This high processing power of Aurix microcontrollers, according to the firm, can also help autonomous driving vehicles in taking actions like obstacle recognition and applying brakes safely and reliably when they approach a barrier. In these applications, you have very low latencies to take decisions.

Infineon said this reflects the advancements the firm has made in the self-driving tech and it wants more automakers to use its chips in autonomous driving vehicles.

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