Super-small IR LED For Car Assistance Systems


A new infrared LED from Osram is claimed to reduce the size of lighting units for camera-based assistance systems that monitor the outside environment of the car. “The new 850 nm IRED enables the vehicle environment to be reliably detected even in the dark or in poor weather conditions”, the firm says.

Compared to the existing Platinum Dragon, Synios SFH 4770S A01 offers 25 percent higher optical output and needs only about one tenth of the footprint, according to the firm.

Osram’s first Synios infrared LED (IRED), the SFH 4770S, was introduced last year for the consumer market. Now the component is suitable also for use in vehicles.

The new IRED delivers an optical output of almost 1,200 milliwatts from a current of 1 ampere and is therefore around a quarter brighter than the Platinum Dragon SFH 4235.


“SFH 4770S A01 currently offers the best efficiency and the best ratio between component size and optical output on the market for the automotive sector”, said Dr. Walter Rothmund, Head of Marketing Infrared Automotive at Osram Opto Semiconductors. Like its predecessor, the SFH 4770S A01 contains a highly efficient chip in nanostack technology featuring two light-emitting p-n junctions. The typical forward voltage is 3.2 V.

The Synios LED package measures 2.75 x 2.0 x 0.6 mm, and comes with the same thermal resistance of 6 kelvin per watt (K/W) as the previous LED. Designers can therefore create much smaller systems with the same thermal management.

Also, with a higher optical output fewer components are needed to produce the same brightness levels, which further reduces system costs.

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For further details, view the full Press release.




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