New 32-bit MCUs Suit Diverse IoT & Embedded Applications


STMicroelectronics announced its new MCU series which it claims embeds the highest SRAM memory (1MB), Flash memory up to 2MB, and the richest connectivity peripheral set.

The STM32H7 microcontrollers are perfect for industrial gateways, home automation, telecom equipment and smart consumer products, as well as high-performance motor controls, domestic appliances, and small devices with rich user interfaces.

“The MCUs consume less than 280uA/MHz in run mode and less than 7uA in stand-by”, according to ST.

The STM32H7 series is fabricated on ST’s advanced 40nm Flash process. The first device in the new series is the STM32H743, which features the ARM Cortex-M7 core running at 400MHz. “These important enhancements enable the STM32H743 to set new performance records of 856DMIPS and an EEMBC CoreMark score of 2010”, ST claims.


The series is perfect for Internet of Things (IoT) appliances. It incorporates integrated security features, including cryptographic accelerators and provision for secure-key storage, which provide connected objects with a high level of protection against online threats both during the manufacturing and in the field.

“The diversity of IoT and embedded applications demands scalable MCU solutions,” said James McNiven, general manager for CPU and media processing groups, ARM. “The advanced capabilities of the H7 series will enable developers to address the high end of the embedded market while delivering all of the efficiency and ease-of-use benefits of an ARM Cortex-M based device. With the ARM mbed(TM) OS technology supported on the Cortex-M7, developers can have easy access to advanced software stacks for fast development.”

Michel Buffa, General Manager, Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics, added, “In addition to its industry-leading execution performance, the STM32H7 series also significantly increases on-chip resources while realizing power savings that are vital for future generations of embedded systems and offering top-notch protection from threats and intrusions. The dramatically increased memory density, in particular, eliminates traditional constraints on developers and so accelerates time to market for exciting new products.”

Evaluation Board From ST Accelerates Deployment Of Wearables And IoT Applications

ST plans to offer Evaluation boards, Nucleo kits and Discovery kits for the STM32H7 series, along with STM32Cube embedded software. It will be supported by ARM mbed OS to take advantage of advanced software stacks available to all developers.

The MCUs are being sampled in six packages ranging from LQFP100 to TFBGA240. The STM32H743VGT6 with 1MB Flash and 1MB SRAM in a 100-pin LQPF100 package starts at budgetary pricing of $8.17 for orders of 10,000 pieces.

The STM32H743 and further STM32H7 product lines will be in full production in Q2 2017.

For further information, view the full Press release.



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