New Photorelays Replace Mechanical Relays To Improve Reliability


Toshiba’s new photorelays can be used to replace mechanical relays for enhanced reliability in industrial applications and feature a large drive current of 5A.

Offered in DIP8 packages, the new photorelays TLP3547, TLP3548 and TLP3549 are ideal for applications including thermostats (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), power supply control in network equipment (TCP/IP, IoT), factory automation equipment, AC servos, general purpose inverters, PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), power meters, smart meters, security-related products, and ATE (Automatic Test Equipment).

Photorelays offer enhanced reliability over mechanical relays, as they have no physical contacts that are subject to wear and deterioration. The use of photorelays also enables the development of smaller, thinner sets.

In addition, Toshiba claims that its new photorelays offer a pulsed ON-state current that is three times larger than that of a continuous ON-state current, which improves design safety.


The TLP3547 is a 60V product with a 5A (max.) large drive current, and the 400V TLP3548 features a 0.4A (max.) drive current and high-speed switching of 1ms (max.).

The 600V TLP3549 is claimed the industry’s first photorelay to utilize a super junction structure and has a drive current of 0.6A (max.).

The new photorelays are available now. For more details, view the full Press release.


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