Gear Up Automotive Motor Control Designs With New Solutions


NXP is rolling out an array of new products to accelerate automotive product designs. These include automotive motor control microcontrollers (MCUs), as well as hardware, software and integrated motor control solutions.

NXP’s new integrated solutions are designed to radically simplify system development and shorten design cycles of automotive systems and motor applications.

NXP has rolled out 17 new MagniV MCUs to control of a wide array of automotive systems and motor applications. All new additions share a common platform to help reduce development time, and enable OEMs to reuse hardware and software.

“The continued electrification of vehicles is driving significant growth for electric motors controlling a wide array of automotive systems including fluid pumps, cooling fans, and more,” said Manuel Alves, vice president and general manager, General Purpose and Integrated Solutions for NXP’s Automotive Microcontroller and Processors Business Line.


The S12ZVM MCUs now offer 16KB to 256KB embedded flash, and feature new options with onboard physical layer for CAN or High Voltage PWM (HV-PWM). It also adds more LIN versions for reuse of software and hardware across applications such as pumps and fans, and across different carmaker platforms and multiple communication protocols, according to NXP.

The new S12ZVMA and S12ZVMB address a variety of uni-, and respectively bi-directional DC motor applications driven by MOSFETs, the firm added.

The S12VR MCUs target entry-level, anti-pinch window lift and sunroof applications in China and other fast-growing markets.

NXP also offers advanced development tools such as the Motor Control Development Toolbox, MCAT and FreeMASTER Run-Time Debugging Tool for shorter tuning and debug cycles.

Automotive Safety Design Gears Up With New MCUs

All MagniV devices now also come with the Automotive Math and Motor Control Library (AMMCLib), as well as application-specific development kits, which the company says, will allow rapid development of compact and highly efficient automotive motor systems.

The new solutions support automotive qualification according to AEC-Q100 Grade 0 for operation in harsh environments up to 150°C ambient temperature. Additionally, the new MagniV line complies to the stringent ISO26262 standard and comes with a guide to accelerate compliance to functional safety requirements.

The new S12ZVM and S12VR products are available now. The S12ZVMA and S12ZVMB MCUs are sampling at alpha customers, and planned for production in 2017.

For more information, view the full Press release.



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