NXP Unveils Two New IoT/Wearable Platforms To Drive Design Innovation In India


NXP Semiconductors announced its ‘Innovate in India’ strategy and launched two new wearable platforms — WaRP7 and Hexiwear — to simplify and speed up the wearable and IoT product innovation in the country. The strategy will allow start-ups, entrepreneurs, product design labs and R&D organisations to develop and focus on a go-to-market strategy, rather than starting ground up for every design, the firm says.

NXP introduced two IoT and wearable platforms – WaRP7 and Hexiwear to help simplify and speed up the Electronic product innovation in India to enable secure connections for a smarter world.

“If the chip is the heart of electronics product, think of our new platforms as a ready to use circulatory system including the heart. NXPs Innovate in India strategy is a step towards realising Government’s ‘Make in India’ and ‘StartUp India’ missions, aligned with the need for product innovation. We believe that product designing will evolve as the success catalyst for India to become an electronics manufacturing nation”, commented Ashok Chandak, Sr. Director, Global Sales and Marketing, NXP Semiconductors.

The WaRP7 development platform, developed in partnership with Element14, offers a shorter time-to-market for IoT and wearable applications while addressing key challenges, including battery life, connectivity, usability (user experience) and miniaturization. The open-source design allows developers to take the platform as a starting point and innovate without licensing restrictions.


The platform consists of a main board and a daughter card. The main board features the NXP’s i.MX 7Solo applications processor based on an advanced implementation of the ARM Cortex- A7 core, as well as the Cortex-M4 core.

Reference design for battery management system for Lead acid Batteries

Hexiwear is a complete wearable development kit designed to reduce design time for wearable and IoT applications. The kit has been built by MikroElektronika and available in an attractive small form factor (smaller than 2” x 2”) board.

The kit features NXP components including the Kinetis K6x microcontroller, the Kinetis KW40Z multimode radio SoC, three NXP sensors and an NXP single cell battery charger IC. Customers can also add sensors of their choice from about 200 different certified options – therefore offering plug and play customisability.

“It is design, and not just assembly that ensures competitiveness for both domestic and export markets. NXP’s product focus therefore continues to remain on enabling superior and more efficient product design. Combined with India’s superior talent quality and spirit of entrepreneurship, we believe we will be able to accelerate domestic ESDM innovation and help India make her mark in the world,” concludes Ashok Chandak.

The WaRP7 development platform is available on www.element14.com and priced at INR 7777.

Hexiwear is available on www.Hexiwear.com at $49.




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