Thin Film Resistors Lower Costs In Automotive/Industrial Applications


Vishay announced it has supplemented the existing series of wide terminal thin film chip resistors (MCW AT Professional series) with an additional case size with power handling of up to 1 W. The new MCW 0612 AT devices claim to provide high power dissipation, high-temperature performance, and long-term thin film stability in applications including power measurement and control in lighting, inverters for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV), engine control units, gear box controls, and braking and steering systems.

Offering up to four times higher power dissipation when compared to standard resistors in the 1206 footprint, the devices released today significantly lower costs by replacing multiple resistors of the same size or larger devices with equivalent power ratings.

Superior robustness against thermal cycling is offered due to the wide terminal contact geometry of the new devices. Furthermore, the resistors suit harsh and high-temperature environments as they feature high operating temperatures to +175 °C for 1000 hours and advanced sulfur resistance as verified according to ASTM B 809 by exposure to sulfur vapor at 90 °C and 80 % to 90 % relative humidity for 42 days. For automotive applications, the resistors are qualified according to AEC-Q200.

In addition, the firm claims that the devices are equally effective when operated at their full power capability or only a fraction of the nominal rated dissipation in order to gain improved stability. Other features include TCR down to ± 25 ppm/K, tolerance to ± 0.5 %, and a resistance range from 10 Ω to 100 kΩ.


Samples and production quantities of the MCW 0612 AT Professional series are available now, with lead times of eight to 10 weeks for large orders.

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For further details, view the full Press release.



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