New Explorer 16/32 Development Board For 16/32-bit PIC MCUs


To speed development of embedded applications using 16-bit and 32-bit PIC microcontrollers, Microchip announced a flexible and easy-to-use ‘Explorer 16/32 Development Board’, a refreshed and cost-effective version of the Explorer 16 development board.

The Explorer 16/32 Development Board can be a starting point for various embedded projects through a wide ecosystem support. Developers can design with the 16-bit PIC24, dsPIC33 and 32-bit PIC32 devices through Processor Plug-In-Modules (PIMs) for easy device swapping.

The new board is completely backwards compatible with the Classic Explorer 16 Development Board and its associated ecosystem that include Processor Plug-In Modules (PIMs) and PICTail Plus Daughter Boards.

Being backwards compatible with the popular Explorer 16 Board, the new board allows users to continue using existing code, libraries, prototypes, PIMs, and PICtail Plus daughter cards. Developers can re-use the PICtail Plus daughter cards interfaced via vertical PICtail Plus connector using additional PICtail Plus Expansion Board.

Furthermore, an integrated USB for both power and communication eliminates the need for an external power adapter and communication accessory.

“The Explorer 16 Development Board has been one of Microchip’s most popular development tools,” said Terry Schmidt, director of marketing for Microchip’s MCU16 division. “Backwards compatibility was extremely important to support our large 16- and 32-bit PIC MCU customer base. We listened to our customers and incorporated many new features and capabilities they requested such as an integrated programmer/debugger and USB power. With hundreds of application daughter cards, the possibilities with this board are endless.”

The Explorer 16/32 development kit includes the main Explorer 16/32 Development Board as well as a PIC24FJ1024GB610 Plug-In-Module and two USB cables. This kit with PIM and cables is available for $109.99.

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