Recipe: Make Tiny USB-C Docking Station For Your Laptop!


Develop USB Type-C and Power Delivery docking stations with a new multiport minidock reference design from Texas Instruments. The design comes in small 2 inch x 4 inch form factor and provides audio, USB data, power and video support.

The minidock reference design allows engineers to develop up to 50 percent smaller docking stations compared to existing docking solutions. This is possible by combining the highly integrated TPS65982 with other USB Type-C components in an optimized circuit.

The design features the TPS65986 USB Type-C and PD controller, HD3SS3212 SuperSpeed multiplexer, TUSB321 dual-role port controller and HD3SS460 Alternate Mode multiplexer, which work together to provide dual-role port capability for power, data and video transfer.

The core component of the design is the TPS65982 which enables dual-role port USB Type-C functionality, capable of delivering 60 watts of power and supporting DisplayPort Alternate Mode and USB data transmission.


The minidock reference design (TIDA-01243) is now available for download. An evaluation module, the USB-CTM-MINIDK-EVM, is also available today for US$499 from the TI store and authorized distributors.

For further details, view the full Press release.

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