Security Solution For IoT Devices Connected to AWS Cloud


Microchip claims the industry’s first end-to-end security solution for Internet of Things (IoT) devices that connect to Amazon Web Services IoT (AWS IoT). This integrated solution helps IoT devices quickly and easily comply with AWS’s mutual authentication IoT security model.

The Microchip AWS Zero Touch Secure Provisioning Kit helps designers to quickly and easily develop IoT devices that are in compliance with the new AWS security regulations. These new regulations state that a device must use mutual authentication with a remote server to be authorized on the AWS cloud. Incorporating Microchip’s pre-configured ECC508 and software kit into a system is now the simplest and most secure method to connect to the AWS IoT service.

Currently, third party manufacturers of devices that connect to AWS IoT service must take specific actions to comply with the advanced security model. First, they must pre-register their security authority to AWS servers in order to establish a trust model. Second, for each IoT device they must generate unique cryptographic keys that are mathematically linked to the pre-registered security authority.

Finally, the unique device keys must remain secret for the life of the device. In volume production, the generation and secure handling of these unique keys can be a daunting challenge in the chain of manufacturing especially where third parties with different trust and compliance levels are involved.


The new end-to-end security solution handles this process during three production steps. First, the AT88CKECC kit will allow customers to meet the security standard of AWS’s mutual authentication model and easily connect to the AWS IoT platform during the evaluation and engineering phase. Second, the AWS-ECC508 device assists with meeting security standards during the prototyping and pre-production phase. Finally, devices will be customized for production stages to ensure information security in customer applications.

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Customers simply solder the device on the board and connect it over I2C to the host microcontroller (MCU) which runs an AWS Software Development Kit (SDK) leveraging the ECC508 device for AWS IoT. Once this is complete, there is no need to load unique keys and certificates required for authentication during the manufacturing of the device as the AWS-ECC508 is pre-configured to be recognized by AWS without any intervention. All the information is contained in a small (3×2 mm), easy to deploy crypto companion device.

The device has strong resistance against environmental and physical tampering including countermeasures against expert intrusion attempts. In addition, the device features a high quality random number generator, the internal generation of secure unique keys and the ability to seamlessly accommodate various production flows in the most cost-effective manner.

Additionally, the ECC508 has a low-power processor-agnostic cryptographic acceleration for compatibility with the widest range of  IoT devices.



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