DSP Brings Intelligent Vision Processing To Embedded Systems


CEVA announced that its CEVA-XM4 imaging and vision DSP is licenced by Rockchip to add imaging and computer vision capabilities to its SoC products targeted for applications including smartphones, ADAS, drones, robotics and other smart camera devices.

CEVA’s imaging and vision DSP, the CEVA-XM4, is claimed to dramatically reduce the power consumption of sophisticated computational photography and computer vision applications such as video analytics, augmented reality and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

By offloading the compute-intensive tasks from the CPUs and GPUs, the CEVA-XM4 offers a range of advanced imaging and vision features at low power consumption – including low-light enhancement, digital video stabilization, object detection and tracking, and 3D depth sensing.

In addition, CEVA also offers a comprehensive Deep Neural Network (CDNN2) software framework allowing Rockchip to use the latest deep learning technologies.

“The CEVA-XM4 imaging and vision processor and comprehensive software offering allows us to truly embrace the potential of computational photography, computer vision and machine learning in our product designs, seamlessly handling even the most complex use cases and algorithms”, said Feng Chen, Chief Marketing Officer of Rockchip.

“This latest agreement will enable Rockchip to significantly strengthen its offering in the exciting realm of computer vision and provide the platform with which they can improve the performance, power consumption and feature sets of their next-generation SoCs”, said Gideon Wertheizer, CEO of CEVA.

An extensive Application Development Kit (ADK) is also available to enable easy development environment.

For more information, view the full Press release.

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