New LED Direct AC Drive (DACD) Tool


The new Direct AC Drive (DACD) technology from Panasonic is claimed to enable LED lighting manufacturers create lighting systems that are smaller, have higher performance and reliability, as well as longer lifetimes compared to the traditional SMPS approach. Now Panasonic has released the first dedicated design tool to help development of LED lighting products based on the new DACD technology, and it can be downloaded for free from the Fairchild website.

The new DACD Design Tool allows lighting designers to streamline the development process and get to market faster by eliminating the time consuming trial-and-error approach that requires multiple iterations until all required specs are met.

The new software tool allows designers to input the basic specifications of the lighting product they’re designing – voltage range, output power and the type of LEDs. The easy-to-use Excel doc then outputs everything necessary for the design, including the number of LEDs and other specific components that will be required.

The tool’s built-in intelligence identifies errors during the inputting process.  This allows it to alert designers of potentially serious errors – such as when a low power DACD has been incorrectly specified for a high-power application – before parts have been ordered or the building of a prototype have begun.


The tool also determines the energy efficiency of the design along with calculating its PF and THD scores, which are the three fundamental performance metrics that manufacturers have to meet.

Additionally, the tool computes the design’s flicker index, which is important when designing LED lighting products for commercial applications, such as offices and retail, which have much more stringent flicker requirements and command higher margins compared to consumer products.

AC-Direct Driving Of LEDs Saves On BOM & PCB Size

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