All-in-one Soldering+3D Drawing+Cutting Tool


Here’s a next-generation 3D pen which is different from other 3D printing pens due to its versatility. Not only is it a creative 3D pen but the smart helper in the household with several functions as well. The basic functions include: 1. 3D drawing 2. Soldering 3. Burning 4. Cutting. Some capabilities include the ability to create models that glow in the dark or models that change color based on temperature changes.

The ultimate 3D printing pen “3Dsimo mini” provides creators with a range of extensions and heat settings that turn an ordinary 3D printing pen into an exceptionally creative multi-purpose tool for 3D printing creations, soldering, foam cutting, jewelry making, burning, and much more; in a compact design.

An impressive feature of 3Dsimo mini is that it’s able to work with 11 different materials for 3D printing because its tip is able to achieve a temperature as high as 490° Celsius. These materials include ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET, Thermochrome, among others.

Additionally, its tip is interchangeable allowing the user to use this 3D printing pen as a soldering, cutting, and burning tool.

The Mini communicates via Bluetooth with a free downloadable smartphone APP (iOS and Android) which is used to control the functions, materials and temperature on the device.

“We created the 3DSimo Mini to be the ultimate creator’s tool,” says David Paskevic, CEO of 3DSimo. “It is more than a 3D printing pen. Immediate uses include extensions for burning, foam cutting and soldering. In the future, we will incorporate additional functionality to the pen such as like drilling, making it a practical tool for creators of any skill set. The Mini is a tool that can be used for all creative projects.”

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The much smaller 3D printing pen is an evolution to the original 3DSimo Mini and the world’s first 3D pen, the 3Doodler. Offered in a user-friendly white case, the pen measures 163×36×22 mm and weighs 40 grams.

The 3DSimo has launched on Kickstarter. The basic 3DSimo Mini comes with a micro-USB cable to wall charger, 3D printing nozzle and material.

For further details, view the full Press release.



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