DAC Improves TV Viewing Experience


ADI revealed a new high performance 16-bit RF digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that supports data rates up to 6 gigasamples per second (GSPS) and update rates up to 12 GSPS. The DAC improves television viewing experience for home TV viewers by supporting ultra-high-definition (UHD) and 4K television across more channels at unprecedented streaming and download speeds, the firm says.

The high dynamic range and bandwidth make the AD6192 ideally suited for the most demanding high speed RF DAC applications including Broadband communications systems, wireless communications infrastructure, instrumentation & automatic test equipment (ATE), and radars and jammers.

The AD9162’s bandwidth and dynamic range meet cable industry’s DOCSIS 3.1 compliance with margin. It’s 2.5-GHz bandwidth exceeds the 1.794-GHz optional future requirement specified by the DOCSIS 3.1 standard by nearly 40 percent. This affords cable operators to plan next-generation network upgrades and capacity expansions without changing converter designs.

The DAC features a spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) of -82-dBc at -167-dBm/Hz NSD allowing designers to synthesize signals across a wide frequency spectrum from direct-to-RF up to 6 GHz. In wireless applications, this eliminates an IF-to-RF up-conversion stage and local oscillator generation, reducing base station component count, size and power consumption.

The chip supports all wireless communications protocols (WCDMA, LTE, LTE-A, point-to-point), enabling advanced multiband and multi-standard radio designs.

A serial peripheral interface (SPI) can configure the AD9162 and monitor the status of all registers.

The AD9162 is offered in an 165-ball, 8.0 × 8.0 mm, 0.5 mm pitch, CSP_BGA package and in a 169-ball, 11 × 11 mm, 0.8 mm pitch, CSP_BGA package, including a leaded ball option.

Chip Reduces Development Time And Cost Of Solar & EV Power Converters

For further details, view the full Press release.


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