DIY Programmable Light For Arduino Makers!


If you like making Arduino projects but not sure what it is and how to get started, here’s a perfect first step to learn more about programming. Plumduino is a programmable Arduino-based light board which has been created by Plum Geek.

Plumduino is a new mini RGB LED board and comes with 8 NeoPixel LED style lights that can be individually controlled to produce different colours and levels of brightness.

The board has everything you need to learn how to program your Arduino based lights. It comes with pre-programmed lighting effects and you can write code to control the lights and create custom effects. You can even place it inside an object or project to create a custom light. With an Expansion Board, you can do even more with this kit.

There are more interesting features in the Plumduino:-


2x Potentiometer Sliders: Use the sliders to control the lights, create sound, and many other possible uses.

Motion Detector: Detect people moving within about five feet of the Plumduino. Use to activate the night light in a dark room or hallway, and even create your own burglar alarm.

Piezo Sound Element: Control the sound element with sliders and light to create tones, chirps, pings, and alarms with the sound element.

Microphone: Make the lights strobe to the beat of music or respond to sound events like clapping.

IR Remote Receiver: Use the included remote to control the lights or other behaviors.

IR Data Transmitter: Can be used to communicate with IR devices like your TV. Can also communicate with Ringo and IR compatible Wink robots.

15 Watt Medical DC-DCs In 1.0 x 1.6" Package

To learn more, watch the video here.




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