All-in-one “IoT Prototyping Platform” Is Fast & Small


Here is a fast and cost-effective all-in-one solution for creating and testing new devices and technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT), and speed up the mass production of IoT devices. The kit, now available from Conrad Business Supplies, is compact measuring just 60 x 40 x 22 mm, and can easily be retrofitted to electronic devices and appliances of nearly any size.

The XDK 110 is a cross-domain hardware and software kit from Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH. It includes various MEMS sensors for measuring acceleration, rotation and magnetic fields, as well as humidity, pressure, temperature, acoustic and digital light.

Built around an ARM Cortex M3 MCU, the XDK features an integrated antenna, a micro SD card slot and a rechargeable battery. Multiple wireless technologies ensure connectivity and access to the Internet.

The kit features numerous connectivity options, including USB, Bluetooth and WLAN. This makes it easy to connect to PCs, smartphones and tablets either wirelessly or via cable. XDK functionality can also be expanded further by using the included extension board to integrate new features. Furthermore, the solution is supported by a Bosch online community of developers for active exchange, competitions and support.


Shawn Silberhorn, supplier business development manager, Conrad Technology Centrum (CTC), said: “We have for a long time been building our range of highly capable reference kits and prototyping boards. The XDK from Bosch delivers a compact solution for prototyping IoT projects, which will appeal to customers across all design and development sectors.”

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