Make Wi-Fi Remotes, Wi-Fi Toys & Wi-Fi Appliances With Tiny Module!


Here is an easy-to-use and low-cost UART to WiFi module for adding quick WiFi functionality to your IoT projects with a UART serial connection.

Measuring only 16.3 x 14 x 2.24mm, the tiny module has a range of applications including WiFi Led Control, WiFi Power Switch, Smart Home & Smart Buliding, OBDII WiFi Diagnose, RFID Data Transfer, Toys and Gaming Peripherals, Industrial Systems, Telemetry & Remote Controls.

The new HLK-M35 module from Shenzhen Hi-Link Electronic co. Ltd. is based on the universal serial interface network standard, built-in TCP / IP protocol stack, enabling the user serial port, wireless network (wifi) interface between the conversions.

Through the HLK-M35 module, the traditional serial devices do not need to change any configuration, user data can be transmitted through the Internet network.


Key features and benefits of the module include:

• 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n,compatible
• WiFi Sta/Soft AP Mode
• Supports Smart Connection
• Baudrate range: 1200~115200bps
• Supports transparent transmission mode
• Supports multiple security authentication mechanisms: WEP64/WEP128/ TKIP/ AESWEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
• Supports wireless roam
• Supports multiple network protocols: TCP/UDP/ /DHCP/DNS
• Supports AT instruction Set

For further information on the module, click here.

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