Innovative IoT Board For Android Developers Is Here!


Due to the popularity of Android among both professional developers and makers, MediaTek offers a new product development platform based on its high-end Helio X20 processor technology for Android-based IoT devices. With this board, developers can prototype solutions for existing and emerging markets including POS, VR, advanced driver assisted systems (ADAS), digital signage, vending machines and much more.

The new MediaTek Helio X20 development board is based on the Linaro 96Boards standard. It is built around the MediaTek MT6797 SoC – the world’s first mobile processor with Tri-Cluster CPU architecture, ten processing cores (Deca-core) and ARM Cortex-A72 technology.

“The developer community increasingly chooses to build products based on Android, due to the operating system’s mass adoption. One challenge in the development board market, however, is the lack of software standardization among boards from different manufacturers. To solve this, MediaTek joined Linaro, an open-source organization, to support the 96Boards platform, which is an open hardware standard”, the company said.

Designed with the Linaro 96Boards specification, the solution is compatible with other 96Boards products for other solutions. This is an important benefit for developers as they can easily incorporate their work into the Helio X20 Development Board and enjoy all the flexibility and creativity the board has to offer.


“With our new development board we give developers amazing computing performance and unmatched power efficiency of the MediaTek Helio X20 that our customers use for commercial products. This goes to MediaTek’s core of finding new ways to bring technology to the masses,” said Jeffrey Ju , Executive Vice President and co-Chief Operating Officer.

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To enable the widest range of smart gadgets and IoT devices to be prototyped, the board offers an extensive set of interfaces and connectivity peripherals. This includes interface for cameras, touch-screen displays and MMC/SD cards. Wireless communication is supported with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. GPS location acquisition is also included.

“The Helio X20 Development Board sets a new performance benchmark among 96Boards products with its deca-core, Tri-Cluster combination of the ARM Cortex-A53 and A72 along with the ARM Mali-T880 MP4 graphics chip,” said David Rusling , Linaro CTO. “The Helio X20 Development board will enhance the range of 96Boards development platforms, enabling commercial and hobbyist developers working on the next generation of products and software. We look forward to developers taking advantage of the new performance levels that MediaTek is providing.”

Leveraging the Tri-Cluster deca-core structure, the board can more efficiently handle different types of workloads to enhance perfromance and battery life. It can delegate simple tasks to one cluster of cores, while directing more complex and more power-hungry tasks to the other clusters for smoother.

The solution is expected to be available in Asia soon and can be purchased from ArcherMind Technology. For more information, view the full Press release.




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