Control Real World Of Audio With Multicore DSPs


Responding to the needs of superior sound quality and reliability in advanced audio applications, Analog Devices has designed DSP chips for applications including automotive premium audio, consumer and pro-audio, and industrial systems that require high floating-point performance.

The processors provide a high performance, low cost solution for complex applications such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X or active noise cancellation with performance headroom remaining for further audio post-processing.

The new ADSP-SC57x and ADSP-2157x processors are added to the company’s growing series of single-chip multicore SHARC processors. “The devices are power-efficient, real-time platforms that deliver greater than 6 giga-floating-point operations per second using two enhanced SHARC+ cores and advanced DSP accelerators”, says the company.

The devices meet automotive temperature ranges and consume less than 2 watts at automotive temperatures. There is no need for costly, bulky heat sinks or fans, which saves space in the end application, according to the Press release.


Further, with more than 2MBytes of on-chip memory, the system cost can be optimized with two package options including the choice to use external memory.

The processors are supported by Analog Devices’ CrossCore Embedded Studio suite, providing design engineers with interactive, real-time development tools. Additionally, SigmaStudioTM support provides an extensive selection of optimized audio libraries.

Samples of the new ADSP-SC57x/ADSP-2157x are available. Data sheets, reference designs and other technical documents are also available online.

For further details, view the full Press release.

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