RF Cooking Reference Design To Reach Consumer’s Dishes


Believed to be the world’s smallest 250 Watt amplifier, the new reference design from Ampleon measures just 80 x 40 x 5 mm, and is ideal for use in RF cooking and industrial heating designs where power controllability and a modular design approach are key criteria, the company says.

The new 2.4 – 2.5 GHz amplifier design, the MicroBlaze 250, uses laterally diffused MOS (LDMOS) technology. It is fabricated on a copper base plate using cost optimized PCB materials. Further, the device uses Ampleon’s BLC2425M9XS250 ACP-3 air cavity package and BLP27M810 power transistors, according to the Press release.

The device optimises BOM, and is fully balanced in terms of gain and power efficiency. Further, the ready-to-use reference design reduces time to market for customers’ applications.

With a 21 dBm input, the MicroBlaze 250 provides a 36 dB gain and a 250 Watt output measured at P1dB compression. The module has a rugged VSWR characteristic and can sustain 60 seconds up to 10:1.

Powered from a + 32 VDC supply, the design consumes 20 Amps. Operating temperature range is specified as + 5 to + 100 degrees C.

For moré information, view the full Press release.

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