AC-Direct Driving Of LEDs Saves On BOM & PCB Size


The new solid-state LED lighting solution from Fairchild allows lighting system developers to create smart and scalable LED lighting products that can be smaller, have higher performance and a longer system lifetime compared to products using the SMPS approach, claims the company. Applications can be found in down lights, high bay lights, troffers, and street lights, tunnel lights, and other outdoor lighting.

“Our FL77944 LED Direct AC Drive is a superior solution for solid-state LED lighting systems compared to expensive light engines based on SMPS technology,” said Gaurang Shah, Senior Vice President, Power Systems Business Group at Fairchild.

The new FL77944, being the first cost-effective integrated circuit solution in the LED Direct AC Drive family, combines phase-cut dimming, analog dimming and PWM dimming capabilities required for smart commercial lighting applications.

The chip eliminates the need for manufacturers to keep different kinds of chips with its ability to scale to support higher power applications up to 120W by wiring products in parallel.


Elimination of electrolytic caps, transformers and inductance coils reduces both the bill-of-materials (BOM) costs and the overall complexity compared to designs using SMPS, says the company. Further, with this benefit, designers can reduce their board space by locating the controller IC on the same PCBs as the LEDs.

With fewer points of failure, particularly, with elimination of electrolytic capacitors, the products based on the new chip promise improved reliability and longevity than SMPS-based products.

The new FL77944 and the FEBFL77944 evaluation board are available. For more detailed product information, view the full Press release.

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