Arduino Makers! Unleash Your Creativity


To ease developer’s work and unleash Arduino makers’ creativity, ST agrees to offer the power of STM32 MCUs, sensors and other devices, enabling a broad range of Smart Home and Smart Industry applications. The tie-up offers the first Arduino board based on STM32 ARM Cortex-M MCU.

Now, IoT developers and other makers can build high-performance graphics into their smart devices using accessible hardware and software to improve their applications with easy-to-use touch displays and audio for command and control as well as for media-streaming use cases.

The Arduino STAR (ST and Arduino) OTTO development board, the company says, is the first Arduino board including high-performance graphics, display support, and Wi-Fi link to enable users to create connected systems with amazing visual and audio experience.

Leveraging the high-performance graphics of the 32-bit STM432F469BIT6 MCU, the STAR OTTO board may be equipped with a DSI display companion shield or expanded through a large ecosystem of specialized shields using Arduino Uno, Due, Mega connectivity. This board takes direct benefit from the Arduino legacy IDE or from the Arduino Studio online IDE.


“By adding ST’s broad family of industry-leading STM32 ARM Cortex-M-based microcontrollers to the Arduino universe along with a broad array of ST sensors and other components, makers will have at their fingertips the ability to design, build, and manufacture just about anything,” said Daniel Colonna, Marketing Director, Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics. “Because of the tremendous enthusiasm within the maker community for Smart Home and Smart Industry applications, we’re supporting those development efforts with our audio- and graphics-friendly STM32F469 MCU and other exciting products from ST broad portfolio.”

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“Arduino has grown by encouraging kids – from 10 to 100 years old – to learn electronics and programming to make projects by building on the learnings of others and now we’re excited to add the STM32 family into the Maker community, to broaden learning with new features such as audio input/output and touchscreen display control,” said Federico Musto, CEO & President of Arduino S.r.L. “We fully expect commercial IoT companies to also use these new features to easily design new smart home devices and applications, or improve products that drive industrial automation and control.”

According to the Press release, a range of Arduino shields to expand the functional possibilities will be made available. DSI-display and NFC-reader shields are planned for Q2 2016 and a Sensor shield is scheduled to be available in H2 2016. Moreover, several STM32 Nucleo expansion boards and software libraries, including those for environmental sensors and proximity detection, have already been ported to the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and can seamlessly be used with the new STAR Otto baseboard.

For further details, view the full Press release.



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