Pre-Driver Chip For Inverters Of Electric & Hybrid Vehicles


Toshiba has launched an opto-isolated IGBT gate pre-driver chip for use in inverters of electric and hybrid powertrains. The chip also comes with enhanced protection functions.

The compact TB9150FNG integrates a photocoupler, a precise IGBT temperature detection function, a flyback transformer controller and a short circuit detection circuit. The photocoupler offers a high-level isolation between control (the primary side) and drive (the secondary side).

Ths chip measures temperature precisely using a temperature sense diode. Monitoring IGBT’s operating temperature helps to improve performance by contributing both to downsizing of the IGBT and improvement in fuel consumption.


A flyback transformer control circuit in the primary side supplies power to the secondary side while maintaining isolation. When power is turned on, a soft-start function avoids current overload.

Various built-in monitoring circuits for power supply, output, current and voltage of the IGBT are provided. Information on any detected abnormality is transferred to the main controller via an SPI interface and an appropriate protection circuit is triggered. Furthermore, the chip complies to AEC-Q100 standards.

Supplied in an SSOP48 package, the TB9150FNG measures just 10.4mm x 12.5mm x 2.0mm. Operating temperature range is -40°C to 125°C.

Sample shipments of the TB9150FNG have started in April, with mass production is scheduled for 2018.

For further details, view the ful Press release.

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