PC 1.0 Adaptors Lower Insertion Loss In Microwave Applications


HUBER+SUHNER announced a series of PC 1.0 to PC 1.0 adaptors for use in microwave applications up to 110 GHz.

“These precision test components are designed to feature optimum return loss and insertion loss as well as excellent mechanical stability and very high reliability. The adaptors are also phase matched within the series”, as mentioned in the announcement.

The latest PC 1.0 adaptors comply with the IEEE standard 287-2007 (Annex J) which is the standard for coaxial connectors designed for precision electrical measurements to 110 GHz.


Simultaneously, the company has also announced a true 80 GHz coaxial-to-PCB transition with superb electrical performance combined with an easy snap connection mechanism to the circuit board. The broadband characteristics, the electrical performance and ease of handling allow for high-end measurement solutions for high-speed digital testing and RF testing.

The system is composed of field-tested standard MMPX snap connectors on the PCB side coupled with an MMPX male-to-PC 1.0 female adaptor. The adaptor and test equipment are linked using a HUBER+SUHNER Astrolab 1-mm male-to-male cable assembly.

For further details, click here.

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