Car Audio Amp Offers Full-Time Offset Detection


Toshiba presents a 4-channel power amplifier chip that detects output offset voltage that is a factor in speaker burnout. “The chip features a newly developed, full-time offset detection circuit can detect offset even during sound reproduction, which is dificult with conventional offset detection circuits”, said Toshiba.

The new TCB501HQ, according to Toshiba, detects output DC offset voltage caused by leakage from the input capacitor and other sources, even during sound reproduction, and prevents speaker burnout.

Also, integrating a current-feedback system of the type adopted in high-end hi-fi audio, the chip prevents sound quality degradation at wide bandwidths and offers consistent sound quality.


The chip features high output power and low distortion. A variety of protection circuits – thermal, overvoltage, output to VCC, output to GND, output to output protections – are included.

The device is available in a HZIP25-P-1.00F package. Mass production will start in June 2016.

For further details, view the full Press release.

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