Dimming Chip Reduces Component Count By 70 Per Cent


Infineon launched a compact LED lighting interface chip allowing designers to replace many of the discrete components used in conventional dimming schemes with a single device. The company claims it can reduce the component count and PCB space needed for dimming circuitry by up to 70 per cent. Further, a supply voltage of 11 V to 25 V ensures compatibility with all common LED lighting applications including luminaires, troffers, downlights, sconces, office lighting and signage.

Furthermore, the CDM10V is claimed to be the industry’s first single-chip lighting interface IC capable of transforming an analog 0-10V input into a PWM or dimming input signal required by a lighting controller IC. The signal is delivered as 5 mA optocoupler-ready PWM signal with 0 to 100 per cent duty cycle.

The chip enables one-time configuration of key parameters such as minimum duty cycle (1 to 10 percent), PWM output frequency (200 Hz to 2 kHz), dimmer/resistor bias current (50 μA to 500 μA) and ‘dim-to-off’ functionality. Furthermore, with ‘dim-to-off’ enabled the IC also provides the option of accepting PWM input signals.


The CDM10V is supplied in an ultra-miniature 6-pin SOT package, making it suitable for use on small PCBs with high component densities. Volume production has started in April 2016 and engineering samples, a demoboard and a configuration board are all available now.

For further information, view the full Press release.

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