Automotive Position Sensors Come In SiP Format To Lower Costs



ams AG today announced two automotive magnetic position sensors for precise absolute angle measurement. The devices are offered in a small System-in-Package (SiP) format, which lowers system costs by eliminating the requirement to mount the chip on a PCB, allowing easier assembly into the end product.

The new AS5170 and AS5171 feature a high 12-bit output resolution making them ideal for a range of safety-critical automotive applications including chassis height, gear shifters, electronic power steering, exhaust gas recirculation, and brake pedal as well as throttle position sensing.


The AS5170 is available with an analog output interface (AS5170A) or a digital output interface (AS5170B). The latter can be programmed as a PWM or a SENT-compliant output interface. The AS5170A and AS5170B are available in the SOIC 8 package.

The devices offer unimpaired operation even in the presence of strong magnetic fields generated by electric motors, high current-carrying cables and other external devices. This, says Ams, results in highly reliable performance and reduces system cost since there is no need for the shielding required by other magnetic position sensors.

The AS5170 operates at a supply voltage of 5V, and the supply and output pins are protected against overvoltage up to +20V. In addition, the supply pins are protected against reverse polarity up to –20V.

The devices are developed as SEooC (Safety Element out of Context) devices, according to ISO26262 functional safety standard. Further, the devices enable precise measurements, even for reduced angular excursions down to a minimum arc of 90°, claims the company.

The AS5170 and AS5171 magnetic position sensors are available immediately in production volumes. Evaluation boards for the AS5170 and A S5171 are also available.

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For further details, view the full Press release.



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