0.5 Watt Power Amp For Small Cell Applications


RFMW announced a new high linearity two-stage power amplifier designed for distributed amplifier systems (DAS), small cell infrastructure and repeaters.

The TQP9421 provides 30 dB gain and +27.5 dBm linear power over the 2.11 – 2.17 GHz frequency range. This amplifier is able to achieve -48 dBc ACLR at +27.5 dBm output power using 20 MHz LTE signal without the need for external linearization, claims the company.

Drawing 450mA from a 4.5V supply, the device is packaged in a low-cost 14-pin, 7x7mm, lead-free/RoHS-compliant DFN package with a large backside paddle to aid in heat dissipation.


The device features on-chip bias control and temperature control circuits. It also integrates two high performance amplifier stages onto a module to allow for a compact system design and requires very few external components for operation. The amplifier is bias adjustable allowing the amplifier’s power consumption to be optimized.

For more information, view the full Press release.

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