Alpha Micro Claims The Smallest 3G/2G Cellular Module


Alpha Micro announced what it claims as the smallest cellular module available supporting 2G and 3G. Suited to industrial, automotive telematics and consumer applications particularly within the IoT space, the voice and data capable SARA-U201 is an ideal solution for end devices that need to operate on all existing worldwide 2G and 3G networks. Example applications include asset tracking, fleet and inventory management, according to the company.

Measuring just 16 x 26 x 3mm, the 96-pin module provides 5-band UMTS, quad-band GSM, and has global radio regulatory approvals. Communication is through UART, DDC and USB interfaces.

Key features incorporated by the new module include CellLocate indoor positioning, plus the pre-integrated AssistNow feature to boost GNSS acquisition performance when used in combination with u-blox GNSS modules and chips.


Developers can easily upgrade their existing designs using these pre-integrated features, in addition to pin and form factor compatibility of the new module with u-blox’s other region-specific 2G and 3G variants, such as the 2G SARA-G350.

Temperature specification ranges from –40 to +85°C. Manufactured in ISO/TS 16949 certified sites and qualified according to ISO 16750, this module meets the environmental and electrical testing criteria for use in road vehicles.

For more information, view the full Press release.

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