Low-Cost Ultrasound Solution Using Tiny Pulser Chip


A high-speed ultrasonic pulser chip from ST Microelectronics is powering a new miniature ultrasound diagnostic device developed by MU. The chip contributes to high portability and cost-efficiency of the imager device which aims to increase the quality of point-of-care medical diagnostics in remote rural areas of Africa, ST says.

“The pulser chip STHV800 designed for medical ultrasound applications offers low noise and tiny size for accurate diagnostic images at a much lower cost and power consumption compared with stationary ultrasound equipment”, claims ST.

The high-speed ultrasonic-pulser has an 8-channel transducer driver circuit manufactured in ST’s proprietary 200V SOI-BCD semiconductor process.

MU’s US-304 portable ultrasound imager is developed for the “Doctor Car” mobile-clinic project that provides medical care in remote rural areas of Africa. The project gives medical workers a vehicle equipped with healthcare systems to give proper diagnosis and treatment where medical facilities are unavailable.

The ultrasonic imager US-304 is capable of performing abdominal diagnosis up to 15cm under the skin. It can be carried anywhere and simply connected via USB to a laptop or tablet.

“The challenge in developing point-of-care ultrasound diagnostic devices is to achieve high portability and low cost without sacrificing performance. ST technology has proven an ideal solution to this problem”, said Yasuhiro Tamura, President, MU.

A cost-effective evaluation board (STEVAL-IME013V1) integrates the STHV800 pulser IC with an STM32F4 ARM Cortex-M microcontroller.

For further information, view the full Press release.

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